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Maths Activities

Our downloadable document is full of simple and effective game ideas that are quick, easy and fun to play – a perfect daily maths exercise!

The games are aimed at Early Years and Primary children to help strengthen their understanding of the concepts that underpin primary mathematics.

The area’s covered are:

1. Reading and talking about numbers

2. Ordering numbers

3. Comparing numbers

4. Number bonds

5. Addition and Subtraction

6. Multiplication and Division

<Download the Maths Activities here>

All the activities use counters, dice and number cards to help them visualise these important concepts.

Make your own counters and number cards (0 to 20), or you can buy them in handy Resource Bags.

…and don’t forget to check out our Number Games  – they’re fun to play and cover all the maths curriculum targets for Reception to Year 6.

Game Resources

Score Sheet to help players keep score

Place-value columns

Containing blank place-value grids to record the numbers that players use in some of the games.

There are: 46810 12 place-value columns available.

Number Game Indexes

These indexes list all our curriculum-aligned games for Years 1 to 6.

Christmas Maths!

These Christmas-themed activities will practise children’s skills with:

  • Dice formations
  • Recognising numbers
  • Addition
  • Recognising and naming:
    • 2D shapes
    • Quadrilaterals
    • Polygons
    • Types of triangles

 > Shape Shopping (age 4+)

 > Santa’s Dice Challenge (age 4+)

 > Reindeer’s Results (age 5+)

 > Shape Decorations (age 6+)

 > Shape Cracker (age 8+)

 > Shape Snowman (age 10+)

Firework Maths!

These firework activities require children to use their maths skills to investigate different solutions to a series of challenges.

They will be using all the operations to discover and explore number patterns that will help to deepen their understanding of maths.

Number Circlesto help children arrange and rearrange numbers to solve the firework challenges.

Number Templates

Number Cards

> Number Cards (0 to 20) template for single and double sided printing.
(Please ensure your printer is set to print on A4)

Number Lines

> blank

> zero to 10

> zero to 20

> zero to 5 (decimal)

> zero to 5 (fraction)

School Resources

Helping schools encourage maths practice at home:

> Editable letter to parents introducing the free maths activity documents

> Fundraising with the free activity documents

Also check out our comprehensive system for learning the times-tables.