• Dig1t Games is a company that has grown out of a desire to enthuse children about Mathematics and…

  • … to provide Primary School teachers with a comprehensive resource that covers all the number targets in year groups 1 to 6..

  • We centre our resources on game-playing to take advantage of children’s natural affinity for play.

  • We believe that providing children with an opportunity to play games face-to-face, helps to build their confidence with numbers and…

  • … master the concepts they are taught in class.

  • Our games also complement all teaching methods and can be easily used within existing lesson plans.

About Dig1t

  • There are 409 games covering each of the Number targets in the National Curriculum for Years 1 to 6.

  • The games are printed on 250gsm card for durability and…

  • … are available in individual year-packs, key stage 1 and 2 packs, and as a complete set (Years 1 to 6).

  • The games use dice, counters and/or number cards so that every game is different each time it’s played.

  • An index card which links each of the National Curriculum Number targets to the games, is included in every year pack.

About the games

  • Allow the children to use visual aids when playing.

  • Limit the number cards that can be used.

  • Play more or fewer rounds than suggested.

  • Adapt the aim of the games to make them easier or more difficult to achieve.

  • Set the challenge that accompanies each game to children who have a good understanding of the topic being taught.

  • The final two columns in each year group index list easier and more challenging versions for many of the games.

Differentiating the games

  • All the games have instructions on how to play – so you can hand out a game to the class and let the children work it out for themselves, asking for your help as they need it.

  • Play a game with the whole class using a visualiser, then let the children play on their own.

  • Use the games during interventions.

  • Ask children with differing abilities to play together.

  • Every game has a challenge that can be used as a whole-class activity.

  • Ask the class to discuss strategies for winning.

Playing the games in class – some suggestions