Maths games
for Primary
School children

409 Maths games for Primary Schools

  • Supporting every Number target in the
    new National Curriculum
  • Covering all primary year groups (1 to 6)
  • Printed in A4 format - ready to photocopy

Adapting to your lesson plan

  • Engages the whole class and allows children
    to play and learn at their own pace
  • Helps to build a natural confidence with numbers
  • Encourages and aids fluency, leading to a
    mastery of maths concepts

Face-to-face play

  • Brings an energy to learning
  • Inspires discussion
  • Encourages strategic thinking
    ...and every game is different each time it’s played!

A flexible and adaptable resource

  • Ideal for classroom‐teaching, 1‐to‐1 interventions,
    and homework
  • Reduces planning and marking time
  • Enhances the quality of every lesson!
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